Memorial Flowers for Cemetery Headstones and Graves

Cemetery Headstone Grave Memorials
Shown in the photo is a dark purple wisteria saddle on a 24" wide headstone.

Saddles look great as mailbox decoration!

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At D's Flowers, we create beautiful, unique headstone remembrances by our team of professional floral designers. Our many years of funeral and grave decoration give you a variety of choices in memorial flowers. Also, we offer the convenience of shipping your memorial to your door.

Customize your memorial arrangement by giving us a call (800-379-3226) and we will do our best to help create the perfect memorial.

Most cemeteries allow headstone saddles to stay for extended periods of time because they do not interfere with mowing.

Each memorial is hand crafted from the fine silk flowers to provide you the best value for your money. Choose one of these in our most popular colors and styles.

Each one is treated to be weather resistant and comes fastened securely on a wire "saddle" for easy mounting to the headstone.

Saddle arrangements make great mailbox covers!

Questions? Call us at 800-379-3226